Our Story

Brinex is an Information Technology and Business Consulting Services company focused on enabling clients to realize incremental business value via quantifiable results.  We are a Veteran owned business headquartered in St. Louis, MO and established since 1998.

Our Approach

Our Story


The name Brinex is derived from 'Bringing what's next!'. The combined words showcase the focus, mission, vision and drive of our business.

To ensure success, our name is trademarked. Please contact us for any information concerning the registered trademark.



The logo is a ball of knowledge fired into the future. The ball indicates quality and excellence with sound solutions in its wake.


The colors adopted in the logo, name, and website are variations of Red, White, and Blue. These mirror our commitment to supporting the Stars and Stripes that fly over our nation along with our founder and his commitment to our soldiers.

Our Approach

Brinex provides custom, or Bespoke (pronounced bee-SPOHK), management consulting services.  Our objective is to provide custom solutions that meet expectations and business objectives in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Although we offer packaged solutions, the goal is to enhance those packages or to provide a la carte customized services and solutions to meet our customers budgets and objectives.

Central to our approach is partnering and co-owning the vision with our clients.

What is the Brinex difference?

We live our Core Values.   This means focusing on integrity, innovation, training, and diversity.

Our team members are well versed in multiple technologies, a wide variety of tools, and some of the industries most well tested best practices. This is the greatest benefit to our clients in that they are not being forced to review just one solution, but our associates will pick the best solution.

Our associates also employ the "consulting mindset".  This puts customer service at the top of our recruiting process.   The Brinex mantra of "Bringing what's next" does not mean that we are going to sell your organization on a product or solution that is not in the best interest to meet your goals.

Our Team



Brinex was founded as TEK Quest in 1997 in order to provide Business Application and Data Management services within the Kansas City metropolitan area.


In 1998 TEK Quest changed its name to Brinex.


In 2001, Brinex moved to the St. Louis metropolitan area which serves as its current headquarters for conducting operations. Over the next few years, Brinex continued to incrementally expand its presence in St. Louis through the successful implementation of Business Application and Data Management Solutions.


In 2004, upon returning from active duty in Iraq, our founder made a strategic decision to become a contender in St. Louis within the Business Application and Data Management Solutions arena.


Upon successfully building up the Brinex book of business, in 2007, the strategic direction of Brinex was enhanced upon to become the premier IT and business consulting services firm within St. Louis.

2008 and Beyond...

The targeted growth for Brinex is fueled by the concept of enabling companies to realize incremental value through our business and technical consulting services.

The "Incremental value" concept is also being applied to the ongoing iterative improvement of our internal operations in order to enable sustained and repeatable growth.


The Virtual CIO and Strategic IT Consulting Services practice lines were added.   Our commitment to adding value to our clients allows us to augment the new offerings with exceptional resources that function as Chief Information Officers (CIO).  Thereby becoming the strategic partner with our clients rather than a cost center.