What makes Brinex unique?

Brinex associates enable us to excel and establish "above and beyond" results in the industry. Our success is founded in the level of subject matter expertise, project management rigor, process orientation, value driven mindset, mentoring and coaching of peers, and customer centric service that our collective team brings to the market.

Our associates enable clients to achieve their goals by applying a consulting mindset in lieu the prevalent contracting mindset.

The consulting mindset does not end with the services provided at our client sites. Rather, the consulting mindset is exuded by the efforts of the entire Brinex staff whose primary purpose is to enable "incremental value" for our clients and fellow associates.

Joining Brinex allows our associates to excel at their full potential. We partner with our associates in establishing a vision for their future and working towards jointly enabling the realization of that vision. Defined career road maps facilitate excellence coupled with continuous growth through knowledge and experience.

Brinex gives back via training, seminars, mentoring and coaching. Understanding each associates level of knowledge and experience while identifying the heights he, or she, wants to accomplish in their career is paramount to our success! Establishing a plan of action enables our associates to achieve outstanding performance ratings internally and externally with our clients.

Brinex will continue to strive for excellence via quality services, solutions, associates, and clients

We take pride in enabling and realizing the growth of our associates and their ability to generate true value in the marketplace and for Brinex.

Why we hire the best?

We select the best via strict rigor around interviewing and 360 degree evaluations. Our success is in the level of expertise that our associates bring in management, technology, and consulting services.

Our associates are encouraged through our performance management process to participate in peer mentoring and coaching for the mutual benefit for all.  We subscribe to such processes as pair programming, when necessary, to help encourage learning, knowledge transfer, faster solution development, and problem resolution.

Our leadership creed is to lead from the top down with a spirit that permeates all levels.

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Associate Categories

There are three categories in which Brinex employs: Full Time Employee (FTE), 1099, and After-Hours.

Full Time Employee (FTE)

Full Time Employees (FTE) are top graded professionals bringing to bare a consulting mindset coupled with the desire to help Brinex continue to be a leader in the market.

We hold our FTE's in very high esteem and reward accomplishment and achievement appropriately. Brinex offers a range of benefits from continuous training to an employee "buy-in" program that allows qualified associates to participate in Brinex ownership.


1099 associates are some of the best talent in the marketplace. We follow a very tight process to acquire and retain the best subject matter experts and Information Technology professionals that the industry has to offer.


Brinex continues to support our After-Hours workload.  We are continually looking for individuals willing to strive for excellence in utilizing their subject matter expertise in an evenings and weekends capacity to earn extra income.

We encourage you to submit a resume to become part of the After-Hours team.


Diversity is a key priority at Brinex. Our organization seeks to promote diversity via a work environment that shows that all levels of associates know their ideas matter regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, or geographical location.

The result promotes a more diverse environment that facilitates a creative, energized, and productive atmosphere.

The Green Team

Our Green initiative is geared toward rewarding associates that focus on reducing their individual carbon footprint.

To foster this atmosphere, we encourage our associates to work from home, request companies (if applicable) to allow our associates to work remotely, attend conference calls, use remote tools, and work collaboratively without focus on geographical location.

Our belief is that these small steps over time will matter in the reduction. This focus enables a more diverse team and provides an avenue to choose the best qualified for the position without regards to location; where applicable.

The benefit to our Green Team is energy.  More energy to spend with their family or doing the things they love while concentrating on the tasks at hand rather than the commute.

The benefit to the environment is a total reduction in Brinex's carbon footprint.