Co-Owning The Vision

Central to our approach is partnering and co-owning the vision with our clients. Our approach is complemented by enabling that vision through the deployment of subject matter expertise, services and solution offerings that are aligned to our clients needs.

Each project, solution offering or placement of a Subject Matter Experts (SME), is guided by a vision and road map to achieving the results which the project stakeholders are expecting.

Our Approach

Our approach is focused on co-owning our clients vision to help achieve success via Information Technology (IT) solutions. Our goal, from the start of our relationship, is to “co-own” our clients vision. From the start of any initiative, our approach is to establish a qualified and quantified road map that will ensure the desired outcome(s).

The incremental value approach starts with the client’s vision statement in addressing a stated need.  The objective is to understand the vision from the perspective of all affected constituents of the targeted solution including; business process, technical, and usage perspectives.The vision is transformed into a tangible solution by taking into account best practices of our client and the lessons learned from the industry and Brinex.

Readiness For Change

Understanding the need and the end-state specified by the vision, Brinex partners with our clients in incrementally realizing the vision. A maturity model is defined with discrete steps toward implementing the vision.

The “Readiness for Change” formula we utilize (as developed at MIT) specifies the variables that must be in place in order to justify project endeavors. These variables consist of; quantifying the need, establishing a vision, and stakeholder involvement.

In partnering with our clients, we strive to assure these components are in place. The intent is to establish a foundation upon which true value can be realized.

Incremental Value Model

We partner with clients on their technology solution needs with a view toward achieving business results. Not technology results.  Each project, solution offering, or placement of a subject matter expert, is guided by a vision and roadmap to achieving the results which align with the organizations business goals and IT strategy.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with the appropriate understanding, communications, and backing, change can promote an organization to prosperity.

Our delivery process focuses on ensuring that these elements are considered during the project discovery phase and validated through to project acceptance and closure.