We perform a lot of ‘in-house’ development, or custom development, so many of the projects are sensitive and reside within Extranet/Intranet environments. We are unable to display these sites without permission from the customers.  Here are just a few of our success stories.

Client List

  • The United Way of Greater St. Louis
  • LaBarge, Inc.
  • Washington University (Brown School of Social Work)
  • M&M Financial
  • BoardLinkSTL
  • Pre-Employ (MyBackgroundCheck.com)
  • Shiloh Treatment Center
  • Ocean Beauty Seafoods
  • Master Key Consulting
  • Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition
  • Carhill Enterprises, Inc.
  • Golamac
  • Grand Center, Inc
  • St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association (RCGA)
  • Fund Raiser-ISC (Practical Home Hardware Kits)
  • Nailing Down A Cure… For Juvenile Diabetes
  • 2 Men and A Spa Dolly
  • Natural Way Chiropractic Center
  • The Carriage Guy
  • Nazdar
  • Vote 4 Crandall
  • Zicks Great Outdoors
  • Missouri Army National Guard (135th Rear Operations Center (ROC))
  • Damon, Inc

Customer Feedback

Our customers continue to express gratitude about our services, offerings, and how we conduct business:

As a charity, our IT budget is limited. Brinex has given us access to quality database professionals at a budget minded price.
·Vander Corliss, Vice President, United Way

Brinex’s commitment to doing whatever it takes is unsurpassed.”
·Tom Bushold, CIO, United Way

Excellent company to do business with. The process they implement is critical to the overall success of the project.
·Wayne Emminizer, Ocean Beauty Seafood

Case Studies

The following is a list of Case Studies that Brinex facilitated the final solutions. Use the links below to quickly navigate to the specific Case Study or Article.

“We forgot to move the data…” (Requires a PDF reader)

Intranet/Extranet, Portal, and Content Management Solutions (Interactive)

·BoardLinkStl (www.boardlinkstl.org) – Brinex was tasked with managing and providing custom updates and support for the BoardLinkStl website.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, and Mamba.

·The United Way of Greater St. Louis (www.stl.unitedway.org) – Brinex was tasked with providing custom Web Development solutions for the United Way of Greater St. Louis on muliple projects. The request produced products that allow the United Way of Greater St. Louis to insert, update, delete, and retrieve data in a process improvement manner. The solutions integrated with internal third party verndor applications and internally developed applications. Additionally, Brinex was instrumental in developing a SQL Server Reporting Services Solution coupled with an ASP.NET presentation layer for integration.
Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SQL Server Integration Services.

·Shiloh Treatment Center (http://www.shilohtreatmentcenter.com) – Brinex is tasked with migrating a MS Access application supporting the Shiloh Treatment Center core business functionality to an Intranet solution that can be accessed by more employees and have a future state of integrating with other business functions and information systems.  The project entails converting MS Access to SQL Server 2005, Converting reports to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and integrating with internal systems.
Technologies: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), VB.NET, and MS Access.

·Ocean Beauty Seafoods (http://www.oceanbeauty.com) – Brinex was tasked with converting a well formed MS Access Application to an Intranet .NET Web Application while also providing consulting and training to internal Ocean Beauty staff.  The end solution enabled the local Ocean Batuy Seafoods team to learn, manage, and continue to develop on the scaleable solution. The effort included migrating the database from MS Access to SQL Server 2005 using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), developing reports utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and consulting on establishing and optimizing a development and production environment to support ongoing efforts.
Technologies: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), C#.NET, VB.NET, and MS Access.

·Master Key Consulting (www.masterkeyconsulting.com) – Master Key Consulting contacted Brinex via Guru.com. Brinex was able to provide an augmented team of professionals to help bring the n-tier Asthma Community Network web site to fruition in record time..
Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server 2005, VB.NET, HTML, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe GoLive CS

·Foster and Adoptive Coalition – Brinex was presented with the opportunity to develop a customized Internet solution for the Foster and Adoptive Coalition.  The solution allowed Care Givers to register children’s information pertaining to contact, gifts and wishes.   Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) via Data Transformation Services (DTS) in SQL Server 2000 allowed the information to be transferred into a third party resultsplus! application utilized by Foster and Adoptive Coalition.   Additional assistance was provided using DTS to transfer the appropriate information to a shopping cart.   The shopping cart provides a mechanism for Donors to purchase gifts, or fulfill wishes, for children anonymously. The Little Wishes program was also presented on KSDK News Channel 5 (St. Louis).
Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server 2005, Data Transformation Services (DTS), and HTML

Software Solutions

·Carhill Enterprises, Inc. – Carhill Enterprises requested a Document Library software solution to replace their older solution. The resulting four applications were to integrate with Carhill’s in-house developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The resulting solution enables an environment in which multiple documents can be stored, accessed and printed from within the CRM custom software. Management of the documents was a custom requirement provided by Carhill.
Technologies: n-tier Development, VB.NET and SQL Server 2000 and Data Transformation Services (DTS)

Database Solutions

·Pre-Employ (www.pre-employ.org) – Brinex was tasked with reviewing the data model and data elements associated with the backend database model used in Pre-Employ’s data center. Our experts offered solutions, design, and implmentation consultation.
Technologies: SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005

·Ocean Beauty Seafoods (www.oceanbeauty.com) – Brinex was tasked with converting a well formed MS Access database to SQL Server 2005 via SSIS and developing a repeatable process for updating data live between the new database and older database(s) to support addtional business functionality.
Technologies: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), C#.NET, VB.NET

·Carhill Enterprises, Inc. – Carhill required an Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) solution that our senior DBA was able to provide a sound solution that transported all of the data from older versions of FoxPro, flat files, and MySql into SQL Server 2000 in record time. This migration enabled Carhill to retain their older customer data while bringing their latest CRM custom software online.

-Carhill’s last request was for database analysis for their CRM database. The training and customized solutions provided by Brinex enabled Carhill to move forward with a scalable solution that will grow with their organization. The data integrity was assured with the appropriate ETL process in place as well as the architecture to handle their daily, weekly and monthly backup requirements.
Technologies: SQL Server 2000, FoxPro, and Data Transformation Services (DTS)

On Demand Database Experts (On Demand DBA)

·The United Way of Greater St. Louis (www.stl.unitedway.org) – Brinex is tasked with providing On Demand Database Experts to the United Way of Greater St. Louis to support the infrastructure and muliple projects. Support, advisement, and maintenance is ongoing.
Technologies: SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server Integration Services

· Labarge, Inc. (www.labarge.com)- LaBarge is a recognized leader in the electronics manufacturing services industry. Dennis Carter, Business Application Manager at LaBarge, stated he was looking for a company “…who could make sure we have consistent maintenance plans and structures among all of our SQL databases and servers. We need someone we can feel comfortable with calling for direction when creating a new application which would require new databases so that all gets created in the ‘correct’ way.”  Brinex will enable LaBarge by providing On Demand Database Experts and Advisory Services.

· M&M Finacial – M&M Financial provides Independent Advisor Services, Institution Services, and Custom Clearing Services and is one of the nation’s leading diversified financial services companies and the largest independent broker/dealer supporting more than 11,000 financial advisors nationwide.  LPL Financial in St. Louis recently upgraded to the latest version of GoldMine Premium,a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool , which is supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Brinex will work with LPL Financial, GoldMine, and other support teams for LPL Financial, like Network Expert Solutions, LLC, to provide backups, support, and develop and test a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Internet Solutions (Static)

·Four Winds Home Health (www.fourwindshomehealth.com) – Brinex was tasked with quickly putting together an informational site for Four Winds Home Health.  The utilizes a design selected from Template Monster and allows updates using CushyCMS.
Technologies: HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe GoLive CS, and ASP.NET

·Nailing Down A Cure… For Juvenile Diabetes (www.nailingdownacure.com) – Brinex was tasked with quickly putting together an informational site for Nailing Down A Cure.  The site is geared towards awareness and education about Juvenile Diabetes.
Technologies: HTML, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe GoLive CS

·Fundraiser-ISC (www.fundraiser-isc) – Brinex was tasked with developing a RAD solution for “Practical Home Hardware Kits”.  The sites specific goal is to allow individuals and organizations to order products, catalogs, and to submit orders.
Technologies: HTML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe GoLive CS

·Blues Judge (www.bluesjudge.com) – Blues Judge began to gain momentum within the Saint Louis area. To better market themselves they approached Brinex to put together a static site that reflected their current promotional poster and business cards.  The resulting website allowed them to promote their band and to provide an area for fans and potential employers to keep up to date with their schedule and play list.
Technologies: HTML, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe GoLive CS

·Vote 4 Crandall – In 2005, John Crandall ran for a seat on the Board of Education for Parkway School District located in St. Louis, Missouri.  He requested a simple, but effective, brochure site for voters to visit to view his profile. The election is in April and the request was made the first of March.  The site was successfully designed in time for him to finalize his campaign.
Technologies: HTML, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe GoLive CS