Portfolio and Project Management

Does your organization have one of "those" projects? The one that just simply does not seem to have end?  Do you understand the total cost of your project, where the resources are dedicating their time, or understand why your project scope and schedule keep slipping?

Do terms like "steering committee", Project Management Office (PMO), Change Management, Change Advisory Board (CAB), or "we've always done it this way... it seems to work", etc. make your executive team cringe?

Our expertise and your successful projects:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Product Evaluation, Selection, Upgrades, Consolidation, or Installs
  • Data Center Installations, Upgrades, or "Migrate to the Cloud" Initiatives
  • Software Development (Mobile, Web, Desktop, Enterprise)
  • Security Assessments, Audits, and Evaluations
  • Vendor Management in product or service delivery

The Path to Project Success!

Our professionals excel in reviewing, identifying optimization points, and deploying processes and project management principles, to include Change Management, that is right sized for your organization.

Our goal is to understand your organizations objectives, then define the appropriate processes and procedures that will help protect and provide visibility and metrics required to make better business decisions.

Project Success That Meet Objectives

It's been said that 70% or more projects are perceived failures.   Our goal, at the start the project, is to make sure a clear and concise process is utilized to assure success in scope, communication, time, budget, and deliverables.  Project and Program Managers with established and verified knowledge, qualifications, and years of experience are the key to assuring projects meeting time, budget, and stakeholder objectives.

What's Next... Brinex!

Schedule a free consultation to begin conversations during your yearly budget and strategic planning sessions. We can review your department, processes, team, and budget to provide a "Opportunities for What's Next" assessment packet. This is a critical step in assuring your business objectives and your IT strategy is aligned.

Our goals are to work to align IT initiatives to your business strategy, reduce cost, provide vendor management services, overall project/portfolio management, and thereby effectively raising your organizations capabilities and profitability.