How our customers save money with CIO Services?

Bespoke Solutions

The value of an IT Strategy is important in understanding how our Clients continue to see value and a measurable return on investment via our CIO Services.

Brinex provides custom, or Bespoke (pronounced bee-SPOHK), management consulting services.  Our objective is to provide custom solutions that meet expectations and business objectives in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Although we offer packaged solutions, the goal is to enhance those packages or to provide a la carte customized services and solutions to meet our customers budgets and objectives.

  • Strategic Planning and Alignment of IT to the Business
  • Vendor Management and Service Levels
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Product Evaluation, Selection, Upgrades, Consolidation, or Installs
  • Efficiency gains via Standardization, Optimization, and Project Management

Our CIO Services portfolio provides a wide range of workshops, assessments, and gives your organization well defined deliverables to benchmark success against while the company grows.

IT to Business Strategy Alignment

If there is no strategy, then there is no direction.   The number one success factor in our portfolio is when we work to align the IT Strategy with the overall Business Objectives and Goals.   The approach provides a clear road map to measure success and be a part of the overall organizational team.  Many times, when Brinex professionals are called into an organization we meet push back from departments and staff.   Working directly with the Senior Leadership, in a short period of time, this mentality transitions to gratitude, alignment, and an overall sense of purpose for the IT players.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management is the art of negotiating or strengthen contracts, evaluating vendor performance, researching and sourcing new vendors, understanding capabilities/turnaround times/quality of work,  managing relationships with vendors, obtaining quotes with pricing, and ensuring payments are made in the appropriate timely manner.

All of our Clients see increased service level, lower costs, better return on investment, and more when a Brinex representative becomes involved with negotiations and holding vendors to their craft and commitments.

Project Management

It's been said in years past that over 70% of projects are perceived failures in IT.   The cost of not meeting on time, on budget, and meeting organizational objectives becomes overwhelming to the point where innovation, profitability, and simply just getting things done without a feverish pitch becomes a thing of the past.

Well, these factors for change are our top priorities.   It's important to review how the organization is meeting its goals.   What projects are priority vs everything having the same perceived priority, impact, and resource value.

Most times, simply taking the organization back to identifying project scope, objectives, timelines, reporting and communication frequencies, and correct project resources.  This approach will enable an organization to quickly see a boost in overall project execution success.

We take it one step further in making sure the project and program cycles are not overblown, meet organization size and capabilities, and help to facilitate a culture of understanding of the values of successful Project Management Officer (PMO) implementation and practices.

Overall IT Optimization

Today's technology permeates through every aspect of your business.  This literally means that technology is the sustaining force in the business next to people.   Understanding the nuances of current and potential solutions that impact and can help each department reach successful heights and thrive with innovation is a core return on investment seen by our Clients.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

The inevitable is bound to happen to your business and come in many shapes and forms starting with weather related incidents to hardware failures and into the unknown disaster that simply cannot be predicted.  Without a plan, your competition can quickl y gain an advanatage as they meet the challenge and continue to succeed whilst your organization is crippled.

Our team focuses on bringing Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery to the forefront of the organizations priority list.  This includes developing a plan, testing the plan through well defined exercises, and assuring the plan is updated periodically.

Security Awareness

Security should be on every persons mind in this digital age.  Protecting your business is the highest priority.  Each employee should be educated, aware, and able to identify security threats that impact the organization, customers, and themselves personally.

Our first engagements with a Client begins with understanding their security identification, protection capabilities and response programs   Through our deployment of Security Awareness Training provided to employees, executive teams, and board members each Client decreases the threat to their organization.

Our Clients gain value in knowing their employees are better educated and aware of the security threat landscape in order to protect the business.